A little bit about myself…

Lex Nelson Photography

Hi. I’m Jennifer Claire.

– Photographer, Artist, Storyteller –

Capturing major life milestones: proposals, engagements, weddings, and family – and feeling the abundant love when everyone is together… I am very honored and humbled to be a part of it. Although I photograph a variety of subjects and events, one of the most meaningful and rewarding aspects of my work is the personal, long-term relationships I am building with clients and their (growing) families.

“LOVE is what keeps me motivated to continue documenting these stories…

…pure, abundant, RADIANT love.”

When it comes to engagements and weddings, I want to serve the smitten ones; couples that smother each other with affection and loving gestures. The ones who let romance abound! Who have unabashedly gone giddy! And are happiest when their partner is too… In short: Couples who are truly, madly, and deeply in love. (++ Couples that are low-maintenance and know how to throw a super fun party!)

Informed by my experience in the arts – a background in dance, theater, and voice – it’s not surprising that I love the creative and artistic process of documenting life’s big events through photography. I am inspired by life: emotion, whimsy, romance, playfulness, honesty, and real narratives. I may have started my career in motion pictures, but when I discovered my talent in still imagery, I knew I’d found home. I love nothing more than documenting life and telling stories, and I would be delighted to tell yours!

As a child, I grew up on a lake in Wisconsin and was immersed in nature all my life; surrounded by so much beauty that my eyes were often overwhelmed (with tears… yes, I’m a sap! And I WILL cry at your wedding… probably more than once!) But seriously, I glean endless inspiration and energy from being outside – any season! – and thus, my favorite events to capture are the ones that are set in the great outdoors! I can’t say this enough, if you’re getting married in a park, garden, backyard, or conservatory — I’m your gal!

When I’m not taking photos, you can often find me singing or dancing, making pasta with my boo (married in the Fall of 2017!), snuggling our three little guinea pigs (Aldo Leopold [laid to rest: Oct 15, 2017], Pasquale Benito, Lucca Tullio), drinking a spicy chai latte, making ceramics or crafting (anything I can do with my hands!), practicing yoga, eating my way through a new city, daydreaming about a (future) farm life – complete with goats and additional guineas! Or relaxing on the porch of a small cabin in the peaceful, secluded woods.