The Three E’s

To elaborate, these are words that I believe best describe my work. When the images people see in my galleries elicit an emotion, these are the words that hope come to mind…

– Expressive – Empathetic – Endearing –

My ideal client is someone who embodies a vast range of emotions and is present and open enough for me to come in and capture the expressive, empathetic, and endearing moments of their world; moments that make our lives rich with experience and connection.

I enjoy working with sweet and sincere individuals, who exhibit and live by core values that align closely with mine…

  • People who are honest.
  • People who are curious.
  • People who have kind hearts.
  • People who enjoy simple pleasures.
  • People who love adventure, travel, learning!
  • People who value emotional intelligence just as much as ‘book smarts’.
  • People who spend time exploring the great outdoors.
  • People who make time for passion projects and play.
  • People who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable.
  • Bonus: People who love animals! Game of Thrones! And tacos!!